Malice Domestic additions to my TBR List


This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first Malice Domestic conference. Not only was it an amazing weekend, but I made many additions to my To Be Read List. Here are just a few (of the many) titles that I am looking forward to reading.

TBRRIPPED by Shelly Dickson Carr

A YA novel in which a teen tackles the mystery of Jack the Ripper? Heck yeah! I’m a mystery writer and a mystery fan, so it’s not difficult to guess that I’m also intrigued by Jack the Ripper. And I know the mystery was supposably solved- but I am choosing to disbelieve that solution. I also had the pleasure of being on a panel with Shelly Dickson Carr while at Malice– and this book sounds awesome!

MACDEATH by Cindy Brown

In addition to writing murder mysteries, I am also a theater teacher and playwright. It’s hard to believe I haven’t read this Agatha Nominee for Best Debut Novel yet. And I’m all about the humorous whodunit!

CHASING THE CODEX a Mystery by 24 Authors

This mystery novel was collectively written by 24 authors. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it!?  But crazy in a good way. I heard one of the authors, Tim Hall, read a little bit from the novel while I was at Malice Domestic. I have a feeling that this book is a wild and amazing thrill ride!

And now, since this is a Blog Hop Giveaway, enter to win a copy of book that I hope will be on your TBR list soon too…my debut YA Mystery SWIMMING ALONE. I am giving away one Ebook Copy today. EBOOK WILL BE EMAILED. (Mobi or Epub format for your Nook or Kindle.)

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