Book Club Discussion Questions


  1. Does Cathy Banks remind you of anyone you know?
  2. Would you have taken the same risks as Cathy if placed in her circumstances?
  3. When are Cathy’s fears justified? When does she truly have an overactive imagination?
  4. Is Aunt Bobbie justified in being less than forthcoming with Cathy?
  5. The author planted many clues for her readers. Which clues did you pick up on as you were reading Swimming Alone?
  6. Mansfield has also attempted to misdirect her readers with a number of red herrings. Which red herrings did you spot, and which were most effective?
  7. Beach Point is a fictional town, but based on the author’s childhood memories of vacationing is Rhode Island. Does it remind you of any places that you have visited?
  8. Was there a scene that you found particularly memorable or suspenseful?

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